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The Color of Energy Gallery / Mike Elsass
2010 Calendar Quick Look

 At Color of Energy Gallery

  • First Friday of every month - open house with changing exhibits, wine and fine art.
    First Fridays from 12 noon - 10PM.

Curves: A Collaboration
Open House on Urban Nights: September 10, 2010
through September 15th
Curved Steel: Mike Elsass
The Female Form: Photography by Jacquelynn Buck


"No Fear" Painting Classes with Mike Elsass
Mike Elsass had a great deal of fun doing a class/workshop earlier this year. It consisted of "live" painting in his studio with the basic theme of "NO FEAR".

Generally a class had 3 to 6 participants with "studio Tuxedo shirts" (which you get to keep) painting in about a 4-hour segment.

1st Hour - was a discussion of letting go of fear and being free while painting (hopefully merrily) on your piece, your partners piece and each others while enjoying color & texture... just getting into a real day in my studio.

-Eventually the class would have 40 plus pieces in different stages of chaos.-

2nd Hour - was feeling the tempo and some reduction of making a mistake. Mike would be painting on each participant's pieces and they would start to have a favorite or two.

-Wine sometimes was involved and at this stage each "studio shirt" had a bit of color. -

3rd Hour - featured discussion of color, texture and an open discussion of each other's pieces and the energy from the experience etc.
4th Hour - was cussing and discussing art. Putting paint down freely and being in the moment...

wrap up could extend as long as you want to paint and selecting your piece (you each take one home) selecting any other pieces (50%off) and us determining which pieces might go into the Color Of Energy Gallery for sale...

Mikes new studio at Front St is a great place for an "ART EXPERIENCE".It is on the 3rd floor with huge north windows and plenty of light.

Cost of the class is $60 & includes: 1- Tux Shirt, finished piece of art, water, instruction, all supplies, (Who doesn't love free paint!!!) and ENERGY

This can be a great gift!!  A great idea for your next get together or holiday party! Classes can be scheduled any day or time and generally are 4 to 6 hours from beginning till Cleanup.
Or contact Mike directly at 266 -3491 or email  -


Past Exhibitions

  • February 2010 - "Southwest Tour" Exhibit in Tubac, Arizona
  • March 2010 - Architectural Digest Show in New York City
  • Be certain to visit Mike and his work at the Architectural Digest Home Show in New York City! MARCH 18-21, 2010 | PIER 94 | 55TH STREET AT WESTSIDE HIGHWAY | NEW YORK CITY


  • March 2010: Opening Reception at A Muse Gallery in Taos, NM
    Wednesday, March 31, 6-9PM
    Show will be up through April 30
    Gallery hours announced weekly, but always open on Saturdays from 10AM-6PM